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June 7, 2017
Skip Bin Hire or Rubbish Removal Company, the Pros and Cons?
July 6, 2018

Skip hire: Bin there, done that?

Skip hire is a popular compromise between doing everything yourself (loading and driving trailer loads of rubbish and recycling to various rubbish and recycling depots), and a rubbish removal service like Take Your Rubbish Sydney that does all the hard lifting for you. With skip hire, a large heavy bin (skip) is transported to your house or commercial premises, left for you to fill, and then collected at a later time.

If you do decide to hire a skip bin, it’s worth being aware of a few things:

  1. You will need ample space in an easily accessible area of your property where the skip can be left without restricting your necessary vehicle and pedestrian access. Make sure you measure your available space and check with the skip supplier that it is adequate.
  2. Be aware that the weight of the full skip and the truck required to collect the skip can be significant, and can cause damage to paving, concrete and landscaping.
  3. Estimating the volume of rubbish can be difficult. Hiring too small a skip may require additional skip hires, blowing out your costs from original estimates.
  4. Loading a skip can require a lot of difficult lifting, especially if you are disposing of building waste, white goods, or other heavy items. Make sure you have a friend to help you with heavy lifting, and always ensure that you lift with good technique. Saving a few dollars by doing it yourself won’t seem like such a good idea if you do yourself an injury!
  5. In addition to the cost of hiring the skip, extra costs can vary dramatically depending on the type of waste and the overall weight of the full bin. Some recyclable materials may be cheaper by weight than others, but if the load is deemed to be contaminated or you have mixed different materials in the same bin, you may be charged a LOT more than you originally planned.

Before you hire a skip

Before you commit to hiring a rubbish skip, compare and consider the benefits of the Take Your Rubbish removal service:

  1. Rather than being left on your own to work through all the above caveats, you benefit from the expertise of our staff, who can advise on the most economical approach to every job.
  2. We offer free estimates over the phone. Once we’re on site and see the rubbish to be removed, if we need to make any adjustments to an estimate, we can advise on this BEFORE we do the work—not after it’s too late to do anything about it, as is the case once a skip is loaded for collection.
  3. Access is less of an issue, as we can typically park in areas where a skip is not permitted, and often finish a job in a matter of hours, not days, at a time that best suits you, creating far less disruption to vehicle and pedestrian access.
  4. And of course, we do all the heavy lifting for you!
  5. If you’ve used a skip in the past, and wished for a better way, call us for a free cost estimate. Your back will thank you, and you might even be surprised by how well our price compares!

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