Q. How do you charge?

A. We can give you an onsite quote based on a cubic meter rate. Only if you are happy with the price will our team of rubbish removal professionals commence work.

Q. How much notice do you require?

A. Most of the time we can do the rubbish removal job same day.

Q. Do you recycle?

A. Our team of rubbish removal specialists are particularly careful about making sure rubbish gets sorted and taken to the facilities where it can be recycled.

Q. Do you provide the manpower to do the loading ?

A. Yes, we do all the work while you can sit back and relax.

Q. Will you remove single items ?

A. Yes, no job is too small for us

Q. What kinds of rubbish can you take?

A. We can take all kinds of rubbish except for food waste

Q. Will you do clear outs of garages, houses, units etc?

A. We do full clear outs and provide all the manpower to do so

Q. Do I have to pay for a full truck? What if I only have a ¼ of a truckload of rubbish?

A. Absolutely not. You only pay for the rubbish that we take away.

Q What methods of payment do you accept?

A. Cash, card, cheque, eft

Q. Do I need to be onsite when you are removing rubbish?

A. No. rest assured the job will be done efficiently. We take photos which we can send you for your verification

Q. Do you donate to charity?

A. Yes, if we feel that an item could be used by someone in need then that item will be donated

Q. Do you do demolition?

A. Yes. Our team of rubbish removal specialists are also equipped with the tools and know how to do complete demolition jobs.

Q. Should certain wastes be separated prior to your arrival.

A. This helps us a lot. The time it takes to load can help to save you money. If your rubbish is all mixed together you may be charged at a higher cubic meter rate than if it was separated. Talk to one of our specialists if this is a concern.

Q. Do you have insurance ?

A. Yes. Take your rubbish Sydney has full public liability